FICM Mexican

Arroyo Abraham, Juan Pablo

Dirección, Dirección de arte, Edición, Fotografía, Guión, Música, Producción, Sonido.

He received a master’s degree in film directing from the College of Arts and Entertainment TAI, Madrid, Spain. He has participated in three editions of the Morelia International Film Festival (FICM). His short documentary film El Coyotito (2007) was part of the Official Selection of the 5th FICM and the 4th Monterrey International Film Festival (FIC Monterrey, in Spanish). He participated in the 3rd International Film Festival on Human Rights in Mexico (DHFEST) and the film series El orden que Tramonta at the Digital Cultural Center (CCD, in Spanish), Mexico, in 2013, with his feature-length documentary Clandestino (2008), which won the award for Best Work from the Michoacán Section at the 6th FICM. His short fiction film El espacio vacío (2009) was part of the 7th FICM’s Official Selection. He participated in the 8th Independent Hispanic American Film and Video Festival, “All Voices Against the Silence,” Mexico, with his feature-length documentary Alias (2013).