FICM Mexican

Carbajal Papadimitriou, Soledad Violeta

Dirección, Guión. MEXICO CITY, MEXICO, 1989

She studied Filmmaking at the University Center for Film Studies (CUEC-UNAM). In 2014 she participated in Gustavo Parra’s Actor Directing Film Lab. That same year she presented her short film El objeto, selected at the Oaxaca Film Fest and at the Feratum Film Fest – Fantastic Film Festival, Horror and Sci-fi, and winner of the award for Best Art Direction at the Crystal Screen Festival. In 2015 she received a scholarship from the Cátedra Ingmar Bergman to attend the Film Production Workshop at the California State University in Northridge, California. She has worked as a crew member in productions such as Año bisiesto / Leap Year (2010) by Michael Rowe, and Daniel y Ana (2009) by Michel Franco. During the first half of 2016 she worked as script supervisor at the CUEC first film Mente revólver by Alejandro Ramírez Corona. Her short film Puertas (2016), part of the Official Selection of the 14th Morelia International Film Festival (FICM), won the award for Best Neo Mex Short Film at the Shorts Mexico Film Festival. She is currently studying a masters in screenwriting at the London Film School.