FICM Mexican

Cerano Bautista, Dante

Animación, Dirección, Dirección de arte, Edición, Fotografía, Guión, Reparto.

Dante Cerano Bautista

He studied indigenous education at the National Pedagogy University (UPN, in Spanish), Mexico, and received a master’s degree in humanities at the College of Michoacán (COLMICH). He won the Preservation of Indigenous Peoples’ Identity and Culture Award at the 6th American Festival of Indigenous Peoples’ Film and Video, Guatemala, and First Prize in the indigenous category at the 1st Independent Hispanic American Film and Video Festival, “All Voices Against the Silence,” in Mexico City, for his short documentary film Ch´anantskua. El juego de la madurez (1999). He has participated in four editions of the Morelia International Film Festival (FICM). In the 1st FICM, he presented his short documentary film Volver a ver / Exentani (2001). In the 2nd FICM, he presented his short films Uarhicha en la muerte (2003) and Día dos (2003), the last film in co-direction with Eduviges Tomás and winner of the Creativity Award at the 8th International Film and Video Festival of Indigenous Peoples, Santiago de Chile. In the 3rd FICM, he won the Best Work in the Michoacán Section with his short documentary film Cheranasticotown (2005), also co-directed by Eduviges Tomás. At the 7th FICM, a retrospective of the director was presented, where the above mentioned films, in addition to Xanini/Mazorcas (1999), were exhibited.