FICM Mexican

González Camargo, Adrián

Dirección, Edición, Guión, Producción, Reparto. MORELIA, MEXICO, 1978

Adrián González Camargo

He studied communication at the Latin University of America (UNLA, in Spanish), in Morelia, and received a master’s degree in screenwriting at California State University Northridge. He presented his work at five editions of the Morelia International Film Festival (FICM): the short film Solicitamos asesinos (2002) at the 1st FICM, his first feature Enero (2012) at the 11th FICM, and the winners of the Best Screenplay for Michoacán Short Film La lluvia que no llueve (2008) at the 6th FICM and Pueblo silente (2012) at the 10th FICM. He was part of the Official Selection at the 12th FICM with his feature film,co-directed by  Juan Alberto Malo, Andrea en una caja (2014). His short film Juegos de luz (2016) is part of the Official Selection of the 14th FICM.