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Jiménez Turcott, Hanne

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Hanne Jiménez Turcott

She studied social communication at the Universidad de la Tierra (Unitierra), Oaxaca, Mexico. She received, among other grants and awards, the Young Creators Grant from the Oaxaca State Fund for Culture and the Arts in the category of dramatic arts, in 2004. She was part of Guadalajara Talents at the 25th Guadalajara International Film Festival (FICG). Her work has been shown at more than 20 film screenings and festivals around the world. She participated with her short film Cómo prepararse para el matrimonio (2004) in the Experimental Film and Video Screening 2012, at the Cinemateca Distrital de Bogotá, Colombia; in the “Cine Povera,” Mexican experimental film screening, curated by director Jesse Lerner, at the 23rd Images Festival, Toronto; and in the 9th Animattter (Media Art), Victoria, Canada, among others. Her short film Está trompuda o quiere beso (2005) participated in the 3rd Women in Film and Television International Festival, (MCYTV), Mexico, among others. She competed in the Official Selection of the 6th Morelia International Film Festival (FICM) with her documentary short film Niños en conflicto (2008), which also participated in the 7th Independent Hispanic American Film and Video Festival, “All Voices Against the Silence,” in Mexico City; in the 4th International Documentary Film Festival of Mexico City (DocsDF, in Spanish); and in the 24th FICG, among others. This film received the Artistic and Cultural Projects Grant from the Mexican Youth Institute (IMJUVE), in 2007, and was selected in the world short film series “Why democracy”, of the STEPS International Organization. She also worked as casting director and coach of the child actress Maritza Santiago, in the feature fiction film La niña (2012) by David Riker, presented at the 10th FICM. She is currently involved in the production of her second feature length documentary Un par de piernas, for which she received a grant in 2012 by the Stimulus Program for Creation and Artistic Development (PECDA) of the Secretariat of Culture and the Arts of Oaxaca.