FICM Mexican

Lizardo Medina, Ana Belén

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Ana Belén Lizardo

She studied graphic communication and audiovisual arts design at the Department of Image and Sound (DIS), both at the University Center of Art, Architecture and Design (CUAAD, in Spanish) at the University of Guadalajara (U. de G., in Spanish). She participated in the 5th Morelia International Film Festival (FICM) with her short documentary film Sin Diego (2006), which was presented at more than 10 film showings and festivals around the world and won two honorary mentions: at the Short Film Competition at the Municipal Week of Film in Video 2007, Guadalajara, and at the 5th National Video Cortocinema University Short Film Festival, Guanajuato. Her short film Chabela querida (2010) participated in the 18th Rosario Latin American Video and Audiovisual Arts Festival (FLVR), Argentina, and the 7th International Short Film Festival (Take the Cinema into the Streets, Mexico), among others.