FICM Mexican

Malo, Juan Alberto

Dirección, Edición, Fotografía, Producción. QUITO, ECUADOR, 1985

Juan Alberto Malo

He is currently studying his B.A. in Cinema at the Instituto Mexicano de Investigaciones Cinematográficas y Humanísticas (IMICH), Morelia. Director, editor, producer, writer and actor, he has received diverse support for his work, including the Competitive Funds 2008 of the Ecuador Ministry of Culture for his project “Teatro Ambulante”; and the Municipal Fund in Support of Research in Arts (FOMART) of the municipality of Cuenca, in 2010, with the project “Ritual Nocturno y el Secreto de Dios: Dos cortometrajes de videoarte”. He has also participated in diverse showcases and festivals around the world like the Jameson Notodofilmfest in Madrid, where he presented his short film Catende (2010); the 8th Transterritorial Underground Film Festival of Buenos Aires with his short film La sed (2011); and the 24th Fantastic and Horror Film Festival Marathon Terror de Sants in Barcelona with his short film Pesadilla Rosa (2012). He won the First and the Third Place for his short films La sed and Hombre que ríe (2011), respectively, at the 1st Latin American Short Film Festival IMICH, Morelia. He worked as assistant director in Adrián González Camargo’s feature film debut Enero/January (2013), selected at the 11th Morelia International Film Festival (FICM); and in Tiritas de papel (2012) by Yadira Mendoza, winner of the award for Best Film from the Michoacán Section at the 10th FICM. As an editor, he worked, among other films, in the short fiction film by Aldo García Caballero El último día/The Last Day (2012), which participated at the 10th FICM. Juan Alberto has also worked as an actor in numerous plays, among which stand out: Lucas y los fantasmas (2009), his own play signed under the name Blablablanquita; Final de partida (2009), an adaptation of the play by Samuel Beckett; and La ciudad sobre el agua (2012) by Manolo Salgado and Mabel Pettrof. He wrote, also under the pen name Blablablanquita, the theater script La última tecnocumbia en París (2012). He is currently performing the monologue Sobre el daño que hace el tabaco, based on a text by Antón Chéjov. His feature film debut, co-directed by Adrián González Camargo, Andrea en una caja/Andrea Within a Box (2014), was part of the Official Selection of the 12th FICM.