FICM Mexican

Medina Flores, Ramiro

Dirección, Guión, Producción. NUEVO LAREDO, MEXICO, 1982

Ramiro Medina- Flores

He has presented his work at two editions of the Morelia International Film Festival (FICM). He participated in the 2nd FICM and in the Este Corto Sí Se Ve 2014 traveling program with his short fiction film La Vulka (2004). In the 3rd FICM he participated with his short film Dos (2004), also selected in the 6th Monterrey International Film Festival (FICMonterrey). His short film Liliana (2007) participated in the 4th International Film Festival of Baja California and the 8th International Short Film Festival (Take the Cinema into the Streets, Colombia), among other festivals. In 2010, he directed the film Contratiempo with Michel Brown, Jorge Luis Moreno, Damayanti Quintanar and Gerardo Taracena. In 2013, he created the content platform for which he has produced content in Mexico, California, Madrid, Vietnam and Cambodia.