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Monteforte, Guillermo

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Guillermo Monteforte

He studied radio and television applied arts at the Ryerson Polytechnic University, Toronto. His work has participated in more than 10 film showings and festivals around the world, including two editions of the Morelia International Film Festival (FICM). He participated in the 2nd FICM with his short documentary film Nuestra tierra no se vende (2003). His short film Unidos venceremos participated in the 7th International Film and Video Festival of Indigenous Peoples, Santiago de Chile, and the 6th Geografías Suaves Festival, Mexico, among other festivals.  He won the Anaconda Award, Bolivia, for this work in its 3rd edition; and in the 7th edition he won the award with his compendium of five productions Videocartas (2013), which also won the Special Disability Award at the 8th Independent Hispanic American Film and Video Festival, “All Voices Against the Silence,” in Mexico City, among others. Three of his short documentary films were presented at the Indigenous Peoples Forum of the 10th FICM: Naxo Café manda saludos (2012), Respondan a esta videocarta de Chicahuaxtla (2012) and Calendaria Loxicha saluda a todos los niños y niñas (2012). He participated in the 28th Mar del Plata International Film Fest, Argentina, with his feature-length documentary Pueblos indígenas en riesgo (2012).