FICM Mexican

Quiñones Sánchez, Javier

Dirección, Guión, Producción.

Javier Quiñones Sánchez

He studied communication at the Universidad del Noroeste (UNO-UVM) and received a master’s degree in educational innovation from the University of Sonora (UNISON), Mexico. He has taken various seminars, workshops and courses organized by the Mexican Cultural Institute (IMCINE) and the National Council for Culture and the Arts (CONACULTA), Mexico, given by well-known filmmakers, such as Lucía Gajá, Christiane Burkhard and Paula Markovitch, among others. He is a partner and director of the creative department of audiovisual production and independent cinema, Piso Tres, in Hermosillo, Sonora. He was responsible for communication at the 3rd Desert International Film Festival (FICD, in Spanish), Sonora, and was general co-director of the 4th edition of the festival. He received the Young Creators Grant from the State Fund for Culture and the Arts (FECAS), Sonora, in 2001 and 2003, to make his short fiction films Anónimo I (2001) and Anónimo II (2003). He participated with his documentary short film El imaginario y su túnel (2012), in the 11th Morelia International Film Festival (FICM) and the 8th Independent Hispanic AmericanFilm and Video Festival, “All Voices Against the Silence,” Mexico, among others. He received an Honorable Mention for this film at the 8th International Documentary Film Festival  of Mexico City (DocsDF, in Spanish), the Best National Documentary Short Film Award at the 4th Rodando Film Festival San Luis Potosí (RFF SLP), and the Best Mexican Documentary Award at the 2nd Hermosillo International Film Festival (FICH, in Spanish). His short fiction film Pascual (2014) had a special screening at the 4th FICD.