FICM Mexican

Rieder, Citlaly

Dirección, Producción, Sonido. ,

She received a master’s degree in education from the Development Research Center of the State of Michoacán and took a course on film and scientific video at the UNAM Filmoteca, Mexico, among others. She worked as media coordinator in the project Islands of Mexico for the Metropolitan Autonomous University (UAM); as technical coordinator for the project Geographic Atlas of the State of Michoacán for the Autonomous University of Chapingo, on behalf of the State Education Secretariat (SEE), Michoacán; and as general director of Producciones Bawmer, Mexico. She has researched film as an important learning strategy for children and adolescents, from preschool to high school. She participated as a director in the 2nd Morelia International Film Festival (FICM) with her feature length documentary Múgica (2004), in co-direction with Javier Morett. She produced the short fiction film Morelia en los orígenes del cine (2006), by Javier Morett, which won a Special Mention at the 4th FICM.