FICM Mexican

Saint-Martin Castellanos, Pierre

Dirección, Dirección de arte, Edición, Fotografía, Guión, Sonido. MEXICO CITY, MEXICO

Contact: 5211 7443, 5344 4226,

He studied social communication at the Autonomous Metropolitan University (UAM) and cinematography at the CCC film school in Mexico City. He is currently working on his first feature film Pelicans, which was selected to participate in the 9th First Film Project in Development Workshop, organized by the CUEC, the CCC film school and the Mexican Film Institute (IMCINE). His work has been shown in more than 40 film screenings and festivals around the world, including four editions of the Morelia International Film Festival (FICM). He participated with his short fiction film Tristeza (2007) in the 5th FICM; the 56th San Sebastián International Film Festival, Spain; and the 30th International Festival of New Latin American Film, Havana, Cuba, among others. He won for this film a Jury Mention for Best Short Fiction Film at the 3rd Monterrey International Film Festival (FIC Monterrey), Nuevo León, and the award for Best Short Fiction Film at the 2nd Mantarraya University Short Film Festival, Nayarit, Mexico. He participated in the 22nd European Media Art Festival Osnabrück (EMAF) with his video-clip for the musical group The Devlins, Waiting (2007). He won two awards for Best Fiction Short Film at the 3rd Mantarraya University Short Film Festival and the 3rd Toluca International Film Festival (FICCHT), Mexico, for Estas horas son más bellas que mis días, also selected for the 6th FICM; the 20th International Film Festival of Huesca, Spain; and the 23rd Guadalajara International Film Festival (FICG), Mexico, among others. His short fiction film Nubes distantes (2010) was part of the Official Selection of the 8th FICM; the 8th Short Shorts Film Festival Mexico (SSFFM); and the Ibergente, Iberoamerican Film School Festival, Quito, Ecuador. He participated in the 9th Todos Santos Film Festival, Baja California Sur, México, with his documentary short film 7 preguntas, 7 días, 7 voces (2012), co-directed with young people from Todos Santos. He won two awards for Best Documentary Short Film at the 8th International Documentary Film Festival of Mexico City (DocsDF) and the Tec de Monterrey Film and Video Festival, Mexico, for his documentary short film, co-directed with Carlos Torres, La ahorcadita (2013), which also participated in the 11th FICM; the 58th Valladolid International Film Festival Seminci, Spain; and the 16th Guanajuato International Film Festival (GIFF), among others.