FICM Mexican

Salgado Alemán, César

Dirección, Edición, Guión. PUEBLA, MEXICO, 1980

He studied graphic design at the Eastern University in Puebla, Mexico, and he received a master’s degree in directing from the Film and Audiovisual School of Catalonia (ESCAC), Barcelona. He is a director and a cinematographer, and he has participated in various film and publicity projects. He won the 14th National Competition for Short Film Projects launched by the Mexican Film Institute (IMCINE). He participated in the 10th Guanajuato International Film Festival (GIFF) with his short fiction film Caraca (2006). He competed in the 7th Morelia International Film Festival (FICM) and the 12th GIFF with his short fiction film Fogatas en el cielo (2008), which won the Best Short Film award in the category of Video at the 4th Short Shorts Film Festival Mexico (SSFFM). His short fiction film Fragmentos (2014) was part of the Official Selection of the 17th GIFF and the 9th SSFFM. He won the award Pantalla de Cristal for Best Cinematography from the documental La danza del hipocampo (2014) by Gabriela Domínguez Ruvalcaba. His short film Hoja santa (2015) participated in the 18th GIFF, the 10th SSFFM and the 6th CineMigrante Festival, Buenos Aires. He was in charge of the cinematography for the film Evilness (2015) by Joshua Gil. He is the cinematographer of the short film Elena y las sombras by César Cepeda and he is the founder and associate director of the production company Perro Negro.