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Viveros, Mario

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Mario Viveros

He studied journalism and collective communication at the School of Higher Studies Acatlán (FES Acatlán) of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), and cinematography at the CUEC-UNAM film school, Mexico City. He is currently studying for a master’s degree in documentary film at the School of Art and Design (FAD-UNAM) and the CUEC-UNAM. He also works as a researcher, filmmaker, cinematographer and editor at the collective Canal Seis de Julio; as an academic adviser at the Autonomous University of Mexico City (UACM), where he is developing the audiovisual laboratory project at the College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHyCS); and as a professor of documentary film at the Mexican Association of Independent Filmmakers (AMCI), in Mexico City. Within his academic research work, among other activities, he published the article “Zerkalo: El espejo de Tarkovsky, análisis de realización,” in the magazine Estudios Cinematográficos, number 23, of the CUEC-UNAM, 2004, and the chapter “La enseñanza del Documental, otra forma de resistencia,” in the book Poetics of Resistance and Emancipation Cultural and Poetic Practices, soon to be released. He has worked on more than 60 documentaries and short fiction films, and has participated in numerous festivals around the world, including the 1st Morelia International Film Festival (FICM), with his short fiction film En los cuernos de la Luna (2002). He received, among other prizes, the awards for Best Documentary and Best Edition at the 8th Silver Screen Festival, Mexico City, for his feature length documentary Halcones: Terrorismo de Estado (2006).